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200K VUE and 300K LFT giving away!! To celebrate the launch of QbaoNetwork V3.4

200K VUE and 300K LFT giving away!! To celebrate the launch of Qbao Network V3.4

The first Multi-functional, Cross-chain, Smart Crypto-wallet with Social Networking — — — — Qbao Network V3.4, will be officially launched on 13th August.

V3.4 new added features:

QR code payment, mobile web page payment and real-time payment; APP theme added, seven themes for different moods; Token and project information added; ETH and VUE token asset management products supported.

Previously, the Qbao NetworkV3.3 version was very popular with the Token Asset Management. In the V3.4, ETH and VUE asset management are added. ETH asset management products are classified as Class A and Quantitative, with an annualized return of 8%. Class A ETH products will be set as 0.1 ETH each unit, 20 units maximum limitation for each user per period, available to purchase at 10 am and 16 pm each day. Quantitative ETH products are set as 0.001 ETH each unit, with 99,999 units maximum limitation each person per period, one period for each day. Class A VUE asset management products’ annual income is up to 10%, 1 VUE for each unit, 200 unit maximum limit for each user per period.

In order to celebrate the launch of the Qbao Network V3.4, Qbao Network and Vevue have prepared 100K invited registration rewards, 400K token airdrops and a large number of happy token bonus to reward the community!

The event time: 13th AUG — 19th AUG, for a period of seven days.

Event 1: VUE Rewards for Invited Registration

Rules: For the users who have already registered the Qbao Network wallet, share the invitation code and successfully invite new users. The inviter can get 20 VUE rewards. (Note: The invitee must download and register Qbao Network V3.4 and purchase ETH Asset Management products. To receive corresponding rewards must validly invite new users.)

Note 1: Each user can invite up to 5 new users each day, which means the maximum daily reward limit is 100 VUE to...

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