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CoZ released a major update on Neon. The QLC token balance should be now displaying every time and zero-balance NEP-5 tokens are no longer visible. CoZ has also refactored the code and simplified development & future improvements. GAS claiming on Ledger Nano S should be working again also. Awesome!

This release adds QLC token and fixes the following bugs:

Fix MAX button bug where clicking on it for large amounts would break the UI. Fix precision error in input calculation.

As before, to use your NEP5 tokens on the Ledger, please update your Ledger Neo app to the latest version, 1.1.1.


Mac: 5e76baeb7ae51a233270364a50886500b5ccfb5e5f6bd4c72eb0c49a344992c3 openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.0.9.Mac.dmg

Windows: bb0347c33b41941e9270323dabaf10df696567acd9454b832ba1efceb967a173 certUtil -hashfile "Neon.Setup.0.0.9.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 7eaebe3e9fa6d8394325efe3c768feedbc4703748c6c71fdb6ca0d68bd8cff17 sha256sum Neon_0.0.9_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: 74819933a0b1f3f15e44e677953c5bd3951a4fb4ea8c85165cb23431c21c9e22 sha256sum Neon-0.0.9-x86_64.Linux.AppImage

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