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Seen an interesting rumour concerning the Upbit FUD and the possibility of the Worldbooks involvement. Any merit to this?

So, since [Upbit is claiming the reason the investigation started was due to unknown shared liquidity]( I've seen people speculating that this might have been some sort of external world book test that set off some alarm bells for the authorities who were unaware of the tests. It seems like it could be, but I'm unfamiliar with Upbit and it's hard to find information about it in English. Is this liquidity pool they spoke about some other already known entity? Or could it really be an external worldbook test. If it is, that means two amazing things for us. 1. The largest exchange in Korea is part of the WB 2. It was basically **too** successful and started ringing alarm bells for the Korean authority. Pretty exciting stuff, I hope someone more knowledgeable could shed some light on this
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