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Quoine Launches End-to-End ICO Listing Platform

QUOINE, a blockchain fintech company and creator of QASH, has announced the launch of its end-to-end ICO and listing platform, called “Mission Control.” In the announcement, QUOINE highlights its plan to integrate Mission Control into its growing ecosystem of crypto platforms. QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control will initially be integrated within the QRYPTOS exchange, before becoming part of the forthcoming LIQUID platform.

In speaking to the release of Mission Control, QUOINE CEO Mike Kayamori highlighted the importance of better platforms and tools for running ICOs.

“We learned first-hand the challenges of running a large scale ICO, including client onboarding, analytics, volatile cryptocurrency prices, understanding how to most effectively reach participants. From our own ICO experience, we decided to build a platform that solves the problems we faced and provide a tool for blockchain projects around the globe.”

QUOINE’s launch partner and the first ICO to be hosted on the platform will be VUULR, a global digital marketplace to buy and sell films and TV shows online using blockchain technology. VUULR is focused on developing a fully-blockchain integrate infrastructure.

Are you thinking about launching your own ICO project? Let us show you how ICO Mission Control can make it easy for you to reach hundreds of thousands of users on QUOINE's platform. Application is fast and easy! Learn more: — QUOINE Singapore (@QUOINE_SG) May 11, 2018

QUOINE’s decision to develop Mission Control follows a larger trend towards major platforms designed to simplify the ICO process. Just recently, a number of interesting platforms have launched, including those by CoinList, CoinLaunch and Stratis.

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