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Liquid Q3 Progress Report

We have made some monumental strides throughout the third quarter of this year. The company has expanded globally, increasing the number of staff and users worldwide. We completed the consolidation of our brands into Liquid and executed a number of highly anticipated releases. This should serve as a taster for what’s to come in Q4. We’re not even close to being done.

By Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada Company growth

At the heart of it all, the Quoine family has grown. We could not have achieved what we have without our growing number of exceptional employees. Quoine has gained 28 employees over the last three months, reaching a total of 319 staff. This number that wasn’t even double digits at the end of last year.

Launch of

This was a BOOM moment, what every member of the community was waiting for: the launch of (“Liquid”) is our newly revamped our all in one global digital asset platform that provides trading and exchange services for G3 currencies, including Singapore and Australian dollars, to help bridge the worlds of traditional currencies and the exciting new frontier of cryptocurrencies. We aim to provide financial services to all in this new crypto economy, and that means working hand in hand with governments, regulators and other industry stakeholders to grow the crypto ecosystem in a safe and sustainable manner.

We officially launched Liquid on September 5. A little more than 24 hours before the launch, Quoinex and Qryptos were put into maintenance mode. Our developers worked tirelessly to merge the two exchanges and launch Liquid, ensuring all the new features were up and running. Liquid is now live and many more features are coming.

Liquid means liquidity. The World Book and the Multi-Market Orderbook (MMO) come hand in hand with Liquid. Upon launch, the World Book was switched on for select pairs - BTC, ETH and BCH with fiat pairings. We have noticed a significant decrease ...

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