[ANN] PutinCoin【PUT】 New BlockChain | POS 100%

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AtomicProject PutinCoin - PUTWhy a new PutinCoin Blockchain ?We discovered many problems in the old blockchain of Putincoin originating from the former developer so we stopped all support for it introducing a completely new blockchain for PutinCoin based on a completely new algorithm (Scrypt), which offers high security and encryption as well as new features and ideas.What is project PutinCoin?PutinCoin was created to pay tribute to the people and the president of one of the largest and greatest countries in the world: Russia!The decision to develop a national crypto-currency for Russia was made to support the very fast growing Russian economy and market within the country and beyond its borders.With PutinCoin a lot of possibilities will be provided for businesses, traders, private persons and social projects as the technology, services and apps are freely usable by everybody on this planet.The decentralized blockchain of PutinCoin offers ample opportunities of application. The network uses the hybrid and economic confirmation algorithm "Scrypt" offering both advantages of POW (Proof of Work)and POS (Proof of Stake), which constitutes an energy saving network-confirmation and mining possibility for everybody in the world. POS can be mined on any type of computer (PC, Mac and Linux) by anyonewithout needing to provide expensive hardware and it offers a yearly mining-interest of 100%!The already existing infrastructure consists of any type of wallets, block-explorers, gaming apps and in the near future also payment solutions enabling PutinCoin to be used as means of financial transactionsby businesses and private persons.PutinCoin will also be submitted to every exchange and every possible crypto-service in the world to ensure sustainable and stable supply for existing and new users. PutinCoin will add a great value to the Russian and International Market and Crypto-Community. Its one of the first and biggest national coin-concepts of the world.NAME: PutinCoinShort Name: PUTAlgorithm: ScryptType: POW / POS (proof of work / proof of stake)POW blocks: 50 000 BlocksPOW Block reward:100 PUTPOS interest: 100% per yearStake min age: 7 Days Stake max age: 365 days Block generation time: 600 secondsMin tx fee: 0.00001 PUTTotal POW coins: 5 MillionTotal POS coins: 1795 MillionPremine Coins: 200 MillionTotal Coins: 2000 MillionsRPC 20094P2P 20095Premine Distribution: Completed!Mining PoolNote: POW mining is closed After 50K POW Blocks mined Than no more POW coins generate.WINDOWS WalletMac WalletLINUX WalletAndroid WalletWeb WalletOnline Staking WalletPaper WalletSource CodeExplorer#1Explorer#2Explorer#3Explorer#4LivecoinPUT/BTCCryptopiaPUT/BTCPUT/LTCNovaExchangePUT/BTCPUT/LTCCoinExchangePUT/BTCPUT/LTCPOSWalletPUT/BTCPUT/POSWAlcurexPUT/BTCTradeSatoshiPUT/BTCPUT/LTCCoinGatherPUT/BTCPUT/LTCCryptoDAOPUT/BTCPUT/USDPUT/LTCCryptoTradePUT/BTCPUT/USDPUT/LTCDice GamePayment ProcessorsOnline Shopping StoreWebsiteTwitterFacebookRedditCoinMarketCapSpanishFilipinoHindiaddnode= 1506706556 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1506706556Ignore 1506706556 1506706556 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1506706556Ignore 1506706556 Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Advertise here. 1506706556 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1506706556Ignore 1506706556 1506706556 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1506706556Ignore 1506706556