View, Send, Receive, and Track NFTs in WebAuth Wallet

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The WebAuth Wallet just got a major upgrade with new support for NFTs! This is a major milestone for the WebAuth Wallet and represents a key advantage over many other cryptocurrency wallets.

WebAuth Wallet – Your All-In-One NFT Choice

Now WebAuth users can enjoy a simplified and convenient way to interact with their NFTs. Artists and buyers on Proton have always benefited from the ability to mint, buy, and move NFTs without paying a gas fee – a stark difference compared to other blockchains.

Thanks to these new features, WebAuth users can view all of the NFTs that are owned by their Proton account directly in their WebAuth Wallet. Additionally, WebAuth users can view all NFT activities, including sales, history, attributes, changes in value, and more. Plus, WebAuth users can send and receive NFTs directly using their WebAuth Wallet, eliminating the need to use any other platform just to move your favorite piece of digital art.


Proton has #BetterNFTs

We’ve spent the month of May highlighting the tremendous talent across our ecosystem by focusing on different NFT artists as part of our Proton May #BetterNFTs campaign. Each day, we’ve put the spotlight on a different NFT artist, and facilitated a unique NFT giveaway from each artist.

The response has been overwhelming – in the first two weeks, we received over 10 million unique new impressions on our social media alone. It’s undeniable that more and more people are discovering Proton and all of the benefits that our users know and love, like zero gas fees, verified identities, passive income opportunities, and so much more.

Now, with the addition of NFT support to the WebAuth Wallet, NFTs just became even better on Proton.

Make the switch to the WebAuth Wallet

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to the WebAuth Wallet. In addition to NFT support, here’s a quick rundown on what else you can do on the WebAuth app:

Access Proton Loan. WebAuth unlocks our decentralized lending platform,, which lets you earn interest when you borrow and loan crypto, and allows you to stake your LOAN for interest. Multi-account support. Simply login with your key or seed phrase, no email or password required. Buy, sell, swap, send, and receive cryptocurrency. With a built in exchanges tab, it’s also easier than ever to send crypto to exchanges that support the available mainnet cryptocurrencies. Stake cryptocurrency. Staking Proton (XPR) takes just a few clicks, with the APR shown clearly. Buy, sell, send, and receive NFTS. WebAuth allows you to take full advantage of the Proton Market ecosystem of NFTs, letting you get in on the action that has everyone talking. Multi-network support. Some of the most popular blockchains in existence are supported on the WebAuth app, including Proton, ERC20, BEP20, and Stellar. How do I switch to WebAuth?

Switching from Proton wallet to WebAuth is easier than you might think. Here are the steps to follow to make this happen in less than a minute:

Step 1: Download the WebAuth app from the Android or iOS app stores. Step 2: Open your Proton wallet app, tap on the Profile icon, and tap on “Backup Wallet”. Step 3: Type “I will never give my private key to anyone else” to reveal your private key. Step 4: Use the “Copy” shortcut to copy this private key to your device’s clipboard Important note: KEEP THIS PRIVATE! Step 5: Open the WebAuth app that you downloaded. Step 6: Paste your private key into the box when prompted, and you’re done!


New to Proton and ready to get started? Get WebAuth on Web, Android, and iOS for free with just a few clicks. Setting up your WebAuth Wallet gives you access to NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency swapping, staking, yield farming, decentralized lending and borrowing, and so much more – always without gas fees.

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