Why do I have two MATIC tokens in my metamask?

self.0xPolygon7m ago
Hi -- I have been trying to use the polygon network to save on network fees and have been having some issues making the switch. So far I have: 1) Purchased and deposited ETH into my ETH mainnet wallet (I'm using metamask for all of this) 2) Purchased MATIC tokens (ERC20 tokens) on ETH mainnet, and deposited those into my ETH wallet 3) Went to polygon.technology and went to the 'Polygon Wallet' section 4) 'Bridged' the MATIC tokens from my ETH wallet to Polygon wallet -- However, this transaction has been stuck as 'pending' for approximately 18 days. When I click on the transaction on etherscan, it says 'Sorry, we are unable to locate this TxnHash' -- [Screenshot of my ETH wallet now \(tokens seem to have been sent\)](https://p156.p1.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/5zunwlJA/58dc1907-8913-42dd-9077-e5f3723af36f.jpg?v=ef07682e78d60b3ac21b85e44db7445a) -- [Screenshot of my polygon network metamask -- there are now two MATIC tokens appearing?](https://p156.p1.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/Blud16Nk/eee1b360-1b2f-4d57-85c2-b3cdedde50e5.jpg?v=9e4fc00b40cbfcbe9c7f1131fa46a9e3) Can someone help me figure out what I've done wrong here, and how to get [this 'Pending' transaction](https://p156.p1.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/yAuklmvZ/feff8322-02e2-44ec-ad5d-ad2fc88166cd.jpg?v=79ee7301da3d73eb5123272c8bc4410d) to go away when I'm on wallet.polygon.technology? Thank you so so much in advance!