The SX Grants Program - Up to $100k in $SX grants available!

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The SX Grants Program

SX Network needs your help!

We’re excited to announce the SX Community Grants program!

This program will give our community members who want to build products, create content, and innovate new ideas within the SX Network ecosystem a chance to earn $SX for doing so! This program will give technology builders and content creators within the SX community a chance to showcase their creations to the community!

How Do I Get Started? Submit your idea in #grants channel of the SX Network discord. Feel free to reach out directly to the core team first for feedback. The SX Core team (and SX Community if public) will review your idea and provide feedback on how to improve it. If applicable, we will provide you with a grant of up to $100,000 in $SX. We’ll set up a private Telegram chat to provide support as you develop it. This will include technical support, tokenomics help, marketing support, and testing. Once it’s ready, we’ll coordinate with you on marketing your project to the SX Community! What Criteria Will You Consider for My Project? Impact: How much of an impact will your project have on our community and/or in educating the broader public about SX Network Implementation: How difficult will this undertaking be and how long will it take to execute your vision Experience: What skills and experiences do you (or your team) bring to turn your pitch into a reality

Reach out to us with any requests for developer support and we’re happy to put you in a private discord with our development team to help you along the way. We’re excited for your submission to hit the discord!

Pumped about the program but need inspiration? Check out our list of potential ideas below!

🌎 SX Network Project Ideas

The following is a list of ideas for any developers in the community looking to create their own projects using the SX Protocol and/or SX Network. There’s a host of unique blockchain projects that can be built using the SX technology stack.

The following are a list of projects that are completely unique in the space, could provide tremendous value to the end user, and can be built by tapping into the SX prediction market protocol. Please reach out if you’re interested in exploring these ideas and we’d be happy to help you!

🏦 Intelligent DeFi Protocols

Liquidity mining (LM) is the process of awarding protocol tokens to Liquidity Providers in DeFi platforms such as decentralized exchanges and lending pools. It is typically the single largest cost for DeFi protocols, and the driving factor behind their success. Currently, liquidity mining allocations for essentially every DeFi platform is decided either in a centralized and opaque process by the core team. Or they’re done via a token holder voting process that is highly susceptible to bribes.

There is a better way. By tapping into the superior forecasting power of prediction markets, liquidity mining campaigns could potentially be done in a far more intelligent manner. This can be done without giving up transparency or decentralization. By using the SX protocol, DeFi platforms can use prediction markets to determine the size and allocations of their on-going LM campaign. This would create the world’s first “Intelligent” DeFi platforms. For example, SharkSwap is currently building a DEX that uses SX prediction the market protocol to determine LM farms.

💸 PM-driven Investment DAOs

Decentralized autonomous organizations are blockchain-based entities that control assets, typically via token holder voting. While some DAOs have unique objectives (see KlimaDAO), for the most part, they are set-up to maximize token value. It’s absolutely critical that they allocate their treasuries in the most efficient manner possible.

A PM-driven Investment DAO would utilize the power of the SX Protocol to use prediction markets to drive protocol investment decisions. By utilizing the collective intelligence of a prediction market, DAOs can ensure optimal decision-making. Rather than delegating decision-making to a special committee or to the whims of token holders, a PM Investment DAO would spin up a SX Prediction Market protocol to determine how to invest it’s treasury. Decisions that didn’t benefit the DAO would be punished, ensuring skin-in-the-game for all DAO contributors.

🎨 Smart NFT DAOs

NFTs have taken the world by storm over the last few months, with the recent success of Apecoin a reflection of this. NFTs are increasingly morphing into DAOs that mint, collect, and issue their own NFTs. For example, NounsDAO now has over $60m in ETH in its treasury thanks to its daily issuance of a Nouns NFT. NFT DAOs are requiring more and more sophisticated management of their assets in order to evolve with a rapidly changing landscape.

Similar to the examples above, rather than relying on a core team or a clunky decentralized voting process for management decisions, a Smart NFT DAO can utilize a SX prediction market. Prediction markets can be used to figure out what price to issue a set of NFTs for in order to hit a certain fundraising threshold, how to best allocate treasury capital, and much more.

💻 SX.Bet Product Ideas

The following is a list of ideas that make the SX prediction market protocol and SX.Bet easier and/or better to use. Unlike the projects in the list above, they are designed to make the SX Protocol more efficient. Any developers in the SX community looking to build these features can earn SX doing so.

🦾 SX.Bet Quantzone

SX.Bet Quantzone would allow users to build and share their own betting strategies without having to code using simple pre-defined rules (“Always bet Raptors at home when+200 or more”). Bettors could layer on multiple rules together in order to build their own strategies.

🤝🏿 SX.Bet OTC Portal

OTC Portal tool would let bettors turn their Limit Orders into shareable links so that you can complete OTC trades with other bettors. This would also allow bettors to complete bets via the SX Network discord, the SX.Bet Trollbox, or even through private channels like texting, Telegram, etc.

🤖 SX.Bet Bot Marketplace

Marketplace for users to buy and sell access to market-making algorithms, directional strategies, arbitrage bots, etc. Developers would specify their algorithms and post terms of access, which could be either flat fee and/or percentage of profits. See TradingView algorithm marketplace for example.

🤑 SX.Bet Bettor Marketplace

Website where users can post their picks (with additional research if they want), with site automatically pulling the SX.Bet market odds at time of post to build a verifiable track record. Betting analysts can use the site to build their following, and monetize by selling individual picks, subscriptions, or enabling users to auto-follow their moves. Blitzpick is building something interesting in this space, keep an eye out for them!

🎱 SX.Bet Dark Pool

Dark Pools are private forums that give market participants the opportunity to complete large trades without publicly revealing their intentions during the search for a counter-party. This allows bettors to conduct large OTC bets without risking potential line-movement due to their size. At the moment, SX.Bet isn’t yet large enough to impact global betting prices, so a SX.Bet Dark Pool wouldn’t yet be necessary.

📊 SX.Bet Bettor Tracker

Dashboard that allows anyone to input a wallet address to what their historical P/L is, sortable by time period, by sport, by currency, etc. Ideally it also includes time-series breakdown of SX they’ve earned, historical tournament winnings, allow export to CSV, etc.

🐋 SX.Bet Whale Tracker

Building off previous idea — would also be very cool to show a list of the top bettors by volume, bet size, etc. Similar to the SX.Bet Leaderboards but far more interactive and detailed. Could also include alerts when a ‘Whale’ makes a new bet.

🗞 Content Ideas

Last but not least, the following is a list of ideas for any content creators or community builders in the community looking to earn some $SX!

🎬 SX Network video reviews or research (up to $5,000 per episode)

Create a new YouTube channel to focus on SX Network related content or use a pre-existing YouTube channel to provide a review or insight into SX Network. For new YouTube channels, one channel could create a weekly show that interviews some of the founders from projects launching their applications on SX Network.

🎬 SX.Bet video tutorials (up to $100 per episode)

Create a new YouTube channel to help new users on-board onto SX.Bet or use a pre-existing YouTube channel to provide a walkthrough into SX.Bet. For new YouTube channels, one channel could create different videos focusing on different aspects of SX.Bet (into to SX.Bet Tournaments, intro to SX.Bet Mining, etc.)

🐸 Memes related to $SX or SX.Bet (up to $10 per meme)

In order to help spread the word about $SX and SX.Bet, fire up the meme machines and get to work on creating new memes. Post the Memes in the #Meme channel of our Discord group to get paid based on the quality!

🐦 Tweets referencing SX Network (up to $10 per 1,000 impressions)

Modelled off the Index Coop Twitter Impression Mining campaign, tweet about SX.Bet and/or SX and post the analytics of the tweet in the #TwitterMining channel of our Discord to get paid based on the number of impressions and engagement that is generated!

📕 Write Reddit Post about SX Network (up to $100 per post)

Write up an informative post on Reddit about SX Network on a relevant sub-reddit (r/0xPolygon, r/Cryptocurrency, etc.) and we’ll pay you! Pay will be determined based on quality of the post and engagement of the post. Simply post the Reddit post in the SX Network discord channel and we’ll verify.

🔬 Research on SX.Bet or SX Network (up to $10,000 per post)

Write up in-depth and informative research post or long-form article and we’ll pay you for the unique insights! Pay will be based entirely on the quality, uniqueness, detail of the insights in the research, and (if applicable) the engagement and reach of the content. Feel free to share your research with us ahead of time and we’ll help provide feedback on your ideas. One of the key goals for SX should be to foster a brilliant, informative open-source research community.

🎙️ Podcasts on SX.Bet or SX Network (up to $1,000 per episode)

Record a podcast covering SX.Bet or SX Network. Create a new Podcast channel or use a pre-existing Spotify/YouTube channel to provide a review or insight into SX Network or SX.Bet.

📓 Guides on how to use SX.Bet (up to $200 per article)

Write up a guide on how to on-board and use SX.Bet and post it on either a new blog or on the blog network (such as Hackernoon) and get up to $200 in SX just for doing so! Pay will be based on quality of the post and estimated viewership of the post. Leverage existing blog networks to maximize viewership!

About SX Network

SX Network is the first public blockchain to combine a smart contract platform with an on-chain community treasury and a native prediction market protocol. SX Network is a stand-alone smart contract blockchain built with Polygon Edge. It is designed from the ground up for blockchain application developers with EVM-compatibility, low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus model.

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