Polygon Hermez 2.0 is just around the corner, and will introduce revolutionary zk Rollups implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine

self.0xPolygon13d ago
Polygon Hermez 1.0 was introduced back in March 2021 as the first-ever decentralised ZK Rollup on the Ethereum mainnet, and Polygon has been working on Hermez 2.0 ever since. ​ ​ Hermez 2.0 is a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution that utilizes cryptographic zk technology to provide validation, and fast finality of off-chain transaction computations. ​ ​ As a zkEVM, Hermez 2.0 will execute Ethereum transactions in a transparent way, including smart contracts with zero-knowledge-proof validations, aiming to minimize the users and dApps friction when using the solution. ​ ​ The Polygon team has been working nonstop to bring innovative technologies that will revolutionize the market, and has proven to be the industry’s leading zk powerhouse. ​ ​ Zero Knowledge technology will be reshaping and building the future of Ethereum scaling, and Matic $1 billion of its treasury to acquire world-class ZK projects and teams, building ZK-based solutions, hiring premium talent, adoption of ZK solutions, research funding, and more