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Introducing Flint ( - earn high returns on crypto without the complexities, by leveraging Polygon!

Hi all - I am Anshu Agrawal ([\_]( - co-founder at Flint ([]( - that lets you earn up to 13% p.a. returns on your idle stable coins on Polygon! Flint is a passive crypto investment app, where we aim to bring a lot of passive investment opportunities built on top of crypto, in a very easy & consumer-friendly UX - all under one roof. ​ We realised that even though the world is moving towards adopting web3 super fast, there are still a few unsolved problems for the masses, who are being left to actively trade instead of being able to passively invest. Some of these problems are: 1. the high risk of losing money in active buying/selling 2. complex process to invest in innovative de-fi assets (let's skip the messy part about metamask), and, 3. the absence of any beautiful UX first mobile apps - is too discouraging for my crypto curious friends from participating. The next billion users are demanding a simple, jargon-free and highly rewarding exposure to crypto - - but in a passive way. ​ For the smart, crypto forward generation, Flint is solving this by bringing together a lot of simple-to-use investment opportunities in the world of crypto. ​ Flint's 1st offering provides users an easy exposure to crypto through a 13% p.a. stable returns asset. We accept stable coins on the Polygon network & carefully lend to institutions with collaterals to generate returns. While we have a long roadmap of assets classes in pipeline with Polygon, I would love it you all could take a moment to check us out, and share your thoughts. Happy to answer questions if any :) ​ Our team is super excited about achieving this mission of bringing the power of crypto to the next billion users :)
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