Better way to earn - 24% on stables, 22% on ETH and 16% on BTC

self.0xPolygon1m ago
I recently moved all my funds to Midas after doing extensive research. They've been around for 4+ years and have never been hacked or had any issues with payouts or withdrawals. They have the highest interest rates of any CeFi platform because they use DeFi strategies to generate yield. Best of all, interest is paid out daily and there are no lockups so you can withdraw anytime! The funds are managed automatically using Fireblocks, which is used by all big exchanges and is very secure. They hold 80-90% of funds in cold storage. They're just not well known yet because they dont spend any money on advertising and have been focused on developing the platform.   My only concern with them was people claiming they are Russian, but it seems the CEO was born in Russia, but no longer lives there. The company has employees all over Europe and US and they're licensed in Switzerland.   Unlike other platforms, Midas has **NO** lockup or minimum deposits. Interest is paid out **DAILY** and can be withdrawn any time! If you want to be paid in kind, the rates are 18% for ETH, 13% BTC, 20% Stablecoins, etc. You can get the increased rate if you chose to earn in Midas token and use the in-app swap to exchange for whatever asset you want, in order to take advantage of the APY boost.   Sign up through the link below for a bonus! ​ —————————————————————————— 1. Go to [Midas.Investments]( 2. Click Sign In (Top right) 3. Login with Google or Discord 4. Click Platform and Invest on any coin 5. Transfer to address given to start earning immediately! ——————————————————————————