Polkadot Partners With Frank McCourt's Project Liberty to Democratize Social Media Data

maxbit.cc1m ago

Leading interoperability blockchain network Polkadot has partnered with Frank McCourt’s Project Liberty on the first implementation of the latter’s Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP).

Democratizing Social Media Data

According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the new collaboration will see Project Liberty leverage Polkadot’s technology to boost the adoption of its DSNP.

Project Liberty is an initiative designed to build a more equitable and user-friendly technology infrastructure for the internet, dubbed the DSNP. The project is leveraging the power of blockchain technology to democratize social media data, allowing users to determine how their data is utilized.

This latest partnership with Polkadot is geared toward developing the protocol to become a core social layer of the next generation of the internet. It is focused on making high-performance, low-cost decentralized social networking accessible to billions of internet users.

Project Liberty noted that Polkadot shares the same visions and values, hence its excitement to work with the team.

Speaking on the partnership, Project Liberty’s founder, Frank McCourt, said:

“We are excited to work with Gavin and his colleagues to bring our shared vision of a healthier web into reality. Not only are they pioneering innovators, but our values are aligned for how the internet should be restructured in a way that empowers users, benefits society, and strengthens democracy.” Creating a Fairer Foundation for the Internet

DSNP’s creator, Braxton Woodham, pointed out that Polkadot has a distinctive architecture that would boost the implementation of the protocol on a large scale. He further added that Polkadot’s economics is robust enough to support “sustainable alternatives to today’s surveillance economy-driven business models.”

Polkadot’s founder, Gavin Wood, also commented, saying:

“Web 3.0 needs a universally accessible social graph to be successful, as the Web 2.0 social giants currently have absolute control over what users can say or do on their platforms. Project Liberty and the DSNP protocol present a clear path toward providing this crucial service. We are excited to work with partners who share our vision, values, and hope that others will join in our efforts to create a fairer foundation for the internet.”