How about an aggregating platform for all the parachains on the Polkadot and Kusama network?

self.dot6d ago
\*Not aggregating, just a platform, in the title above Hey, fam! I wanted to discuss an idea for investors and analysts of the Polkadot ecosystem. The idea is to build a terminal/dashboard that visualizes fundamental token economics terms such as Circulating Market Cap, P/E ratio, P/S ratio, etc. for each parachain. I am aware of TheGraph, Dune, Nansen, and also Token Terminal but I was thinking maybe we should have something dedicated to the Polkadot network where the motto is to get each parachain listed on the terminal. I have built a PoC for Moonriver where I am getting data from the MOVR blockchain, and APIs of certain exchanges to plot Circulating Market Cap, Price by Earnings ratio, USD Price, etc. I am open to all the ideas for having more terms that make sense to the community and to a specific parachain. I was thinking of floating this idea to get critical feedback and since I am already done with one parachain (Moonriver), I might try expanding it to other parachains too by getting funding from the community. With the fast pace that the community is moving, I believe this is the right time to have a 'data-dashboard' that lets people analyze parachains and the network before it (network) becomes more mature. Does this idea make sense at this time? ​ ​ (I also asked this question on PolkaAssembly but I got a sense that non-voting posts don't get a fast traction, so, back to my Reddit fam)