Accumulating Liquid Dot

self.dot1m ago
Hey guys. Wanted thoughts from people closer to the economics. Given that I believe strongly in the Polkadot value proposition, I'm considering accumulating Liquid Dot across several of the live parachains (Acala and Parallel for starters). I'm planning on holding long-term anyway, so why not accumulate at a close to 40% discount? I understand there is the opportunity cost of not being able to stake. And more broadly there is risk that the the teams could run with the money or eff something up at the protocol level. Obviously what we're all concerned about though is a Terra-level house-of-cards style implosion. So my question to the community is if we're at any kind of risk for that with the liquid feature that many parachains are offering? Not sure how strongly liquid dot is tied into leverage, collateralizing stablecoins, etc. Anyone have strong opinions? Thanks! P.S. this got removed from the official Polkadot subreddit bc it was considered "talking about price". How ridiculous is that? No wonder why that sub is dead. Love me the Web3 Foundation (seems like they control the sub) but I think there is room for difficult conversations like this. If it spins out of control, lock it down. But sorta feels like someone is trying to control the narrative. No likey.