What is PIVX? Features, Is it too late to invest in PIVX?

5Y Ago

Lets into another Coin that’s been very popular in 2017, PIVX

Private Instant Verified Transaction.

PIVX is the first cryptocurrency using Proof of Stake on version 0.10 of higher of the Bitcoin codebase. In order to get the most while staking you need to leave your wallet open, resulting in more constantly node availability to verify and protect the network and incentivizing as many users as possible to participate in securing the PIVX network.

PIVX block time is 60 seconds, the total coin supply is 43 million, almost double that of Bitcoin. Currently the price is sitting at $1.45 with a Market cap just under 80 million American It reached a high of 2.64 with a 140 million dollar market cap at the beginning of July. It’s mainly traded on bittrex exchange if you want to buy some.

Site: https://PIVX.org

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