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The Reality of the PIVX Coin Supply

[PIVX releases official response to inaccurate coin supply article.](https://i.redd.it/t43w9ao4wz111.jpg) "Combined with the prior misinformation, \[this article\] is implying that PIVX operates using a “rich get richer” reward system and plutocratic governance.  The reality is that PIVX’s staking reward system provides proportional rewards to all stakers and has a minimum collateral of only 1 coin. Conversely, earning passive ROI on Dash is limited to the wealthy, requiring 1,000 coins for a Masternode or $305,000 at the time of writing. " The Reality of the PIVX Coin Supply By [**turtleflax**](https://twitter.com/turtleflax) [https://pivx.org/reality\-of\-pivx\-coin\-supply/ ](https://pivx.org/reality-of-pivx-coin-supply/)
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