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The Reality of the PIVX Coin Supply

[PIVX releases official response to inaccurate coin supply article.](https://i.redd.it/t43w9ao4wz111.jpg) "Combined with the prior misinformation, \[this article\] is implying that PIVX operates using a “rich get richer” reward system and plutocratic governance.  The reality is that PIVX’s staking reward system provides proportional rewards to all stakers and has a minimum collateral of only 1 coin. Conversely, earning passive ROI on Dash is limited to the wealthy, requiring 1,000 coins for a Masternode or $305,000 at the time of writing. " The Reality of the PIVX Coin Supply By [**turtleflax**](https://twitter.com/turtleflax) [https://pivx.org/reality\-of\-pivx\-coin\-supply/ ](https://pivx.org/reality-of-pivx-coin-supply/)
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“Fake Stake” Official PIVX Report

Based on the “Fake Stake” DoS attack presented by Andrew Miller et al., the PIVX core team has expanded upon the original problem, discovering, recreating and patching several other pos…