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PIVX an anonymous proof of stake* coin, with a very robust development community. This movement is something you want to be a part of. PIVX stands for private instant verified transaction. PIVX converted from Darknet Coin when it rebranded in Jan 2017 and utilizes masternodes similar to dash. Currently PIVX uses BIP 38 bitcoin encryption to be extremely private, secure and fast. Transactions happen with a blocktime of 60 seconds. This is compared to BTC of 10 minutes and DASH of 2.6 minutes. PIVX is the first coin to use proof of stake on version .10 or higher of the bitcoin codebase. PIVX set out to be an extremely fair and decentralized protocol benefiting all users not just the early established masternodes. To stake PIVX, you leave your wallet open and unlocked (for staking only) on a computer connected to the network with any amount. It is a very easy and user friendly process, and the community is always ready to help. Staking has been paying around 10 to 15% currently, however it does vary. Current POS calculator is http://pivx.cryptonode.co/. PIVX has a team of developers that are responsive and always upgrading the protocol following bitcoin code updates. There are 12 developers that have committed on the open source code since Jan 2017. There are over 1000 developers on github.com that have commits on the protocol with experience going back to 2010. The development roadmap is listed below.

Roadmap as of July 19th 2017

Zerocoin protocol CDG Community designed governance Mobile Wallets Upgrade to bitcoin core .12.1 UTF integration for security (hardware device) I2P Network nodes and TOR nodes Multi-sig escrow system Multi-sig address control Encrypted chat Elastic Block size

A road map means nothing if the development stops. However, development has been taking place on PIVX since the re-branding in early 2017 at a steady pace. There is no reason to belie...

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