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PIVX h1 Bug Bounty Program launched successfully

PIVX h1 Bug Bounty Program launched successfully After weeks of planning, calls and brainstorming we successfully launched the PIVX hackerone bug bounty program on July 2nd. PIVX Bug bounty ELI5

A lot of questions were sent my way in the last couple of days. I will happily provide the answers in this article.

The essential piece of information is: The bug bounty program enables us to reward external Security researchers for their work.

The public program (see below) will go live in a couple of days.

PIVX is one of few high quality projects within the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Privacy is the top priority for PIVX and this should be reflected in all areas of our work. With the growing adoption (and value) of PIVX, a dedicated security program and reporting process to handle security related events is mandatory. This is especially hard to accomplish for a completely decentralized & open source project.

How can i contribute to the Security program?

Everyone of you is invited to take part by auditing the codebase, official wallets and public testnet. Please check https://hackerone.com/pivx-project/policy for details as soon as it is going online in a couple of days. Of course, this information will also be pushed to all available public channels. You are not going to miss it!

Private und public launch

Right now, the program is still in private mode and researchers have to be invited to take part. This helps us and hackerone to prepare for a smooth public launch. In a couple of days, the private program will be opened to the public.

The PIVX bug bounty program on https://hackerone.com/pivx-project What’s the status of the security program?

A lot happened since my post to announce the proposal and planned start of the new PIVX security program.

These are the most important goals we reached so far:

Created the new proposal. It passed with great success. Thank you! Created the PIVX campaign on...
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