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Hey everyone, PIVX has been under attack today. Luckily, there was no damage as the entire PIVX team acted pretty quick, all deposits and withdrawals on exchanges have been disabled and the new PIVX 5.0.1 wallet binaries, which contains fix for the issue, will be released in the next few hours. See the [official PIVX Tweet here](https://twitter.com/_PIVX/status/1349735081091350529?s=20). Official statement from PIVX core developers will come shortly after the release. However, please make sure and double check that you are on the right chain. This block explorer is the correct one: [https://explorer.pivx.link](https://explorer.pivx.link) ​ **What to do?** You should add in pivx.conf file in your data directory the following line: **maxreorg=2000** Once you run the wallet, you should type in the console the following commands one by one: **invalidateblock 224316f972019f228dfa3c3b67343dd6d98e50d31f25c8135a51fab072402f01** **addnode** [**https://explorer.pivx.link**](https://explorer.pivx.link) **onetry** **clearbanned** On VPS side if you are running a masternode(s), you should do the following: 1. Stop the wallet 2. Wait 30 seconds to make sure it got turned off completely 3. Start it with command: **cd \~ && cd pivx-5.0.0/bin && ./pivxd -maxreorg=1000** (NOTE: this assumes you were using 5.0.0 version, change the numbers to your version if you are using 4.1.1 or 4.3.0) Wait for 2-3 minutes for wallet to fully sync, then proceed with the following 3 commands: **./pivx-cli invalidateblock 224316f972019f228dfa3c3b67343dd6d98e50d31f25c8135a51fab072402f01** **./pivx-cli addnode** [**https://explorer.pivx.link**](https://explorer.pivx.link) **onetry** **./pivx-cli clearbanned** ​ That's it. You will be back to the correct chain and you can wait to install the 5.0.1 wallet once it comes out. I'll make sure to update your further about it, or simply follow the PIVX Twitter account or join the PIVX Discord.
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