Hi All, it's been a while since last time this link was posted. To all newcomers, please take some time to vote for the petition if you'd like Poloniex to add PIVX, only 108 more votes needed :)

5Y Ago

PIVX has gone up more than 451% in the last 7 days alone and is trading 1,659 BTC or $1,723,550 daily.

The Market Capital has gone up from 1 Million to 23 Million in just 30 days.

The Price has gone up from $0.002 to $0.43 USD within just 30 days.

It will help tons of currency traders to trade PIVX on Poloniex directly with comfort, security and peace of mind. Kindly add PIVX to Poloniex to help and provide more value to your existing Poloniex members.

PIVX will trade a lot more volume and will grow even faster once it's added to Poloniex.