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Changed Password Phrase forgot to do a backup all my Pivx lost?

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. Long story short, I downloaded the new Pivx wallet on my Mac and I had some issues by entering the password phrase, so I thought I can install it on another pc and see if it´s running. I did it and this pc accepted my old password, but my Mac still had some issues. So I thought it would be a could idea to change the password and see if it´s working with the new PW on my Mac. I did it, but it wasn´t working. After that, I thought it would be good to close the wallet on my Pc and see if it´s working on the Pc. So I closed the wallet and reentered the new PW on my Pc. But it wasn´t working. So now I had my Mac and a Pc and none of them wasn´t working. The thing is that I reinstalled PIVX on my PC but without doing a backup with the new PW. I have an old Backup file (on my Mac), New Password, old Password and Privat keys but I´m not able to encrypt my wallet. Is there a way to get back in or are they lost? Hope that wasn´t too complicated. Thank you
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