How do you guys feel about sept 11 newsletter?

self.PillarProject5y ago
Ughh... I'm not gonna lie, I was a little excited about the run that the PLR had days ago, but then it went down again, oh well. What do I expect, nothing has happened yet and the value was just hanging on ethereum. Then, I was excited that the contest was going to end, and finally we can start seeing some options and features that might be included in the wallet right?, nope (3 months away from the end of the year). Now a meetup where they will be still looking for talent, ideas and cheap labor (FREE). If you haven't read the Sept. 11 newsletter, please do!! I was amazed how the "hiring conversation" was developed. David, if you thought it was going to be funny or it was going to have a positive impact on your investors or possible talents, you are wrong !!!(at least didn't worked with me). We invest a lot of money in a project that we believed it was doable but it seems like you want everything for free, when there are thousands of talented who can help you develop the product for a decent pay. I mean, u expect having 3 or 4 developers doing the system for u without any pay and then you take the credit and profit. You put the cherry on top saying: "don't expect to be hired", "put your pillar experience on your resume", are u serious??? If you don't have the talent to develop the system already, you need to hire people who can, and PAY THEM!, if you already have something I recommend to start sharing screenshots, videos of options and more information about the wallet. I've seen videos/live streams where u talk with other members of the team, man, you are repeating the same. We all get the idea, is time to work on the product and not in dreams!! Its just me who thinks this way?, am I going crazy? If this continues this path, Ill just wait for a little air that pushes the plr a little up to dump this thing.