What's in store for Persistence and pSTAKE in 2022?

self.PersistenceOne1m ago
With the new integration for stkETH going live this week, stkSOL in internal testnet, stkAVAX in security audits, and stkBNB in development, I wonder what's next for pSTAKE and Persistence. These are all expected to launch by the end of Q2 2022 (a.k.a. no later than the 30th of June), including implementing stkATOM and stkXPRT on the native IBC-enabled Persistence Core One blockchain. June will be an eventful month if all of these launches go according to the plan; pSTAKE will have a lot of stkASSETS to play with. If we assume these implementations go out by the end of Q2, pSTAKE will have stkATOM, stkXPRT, stkETH, stkAVAX, stkBNB, and stkSOL as liquid staked supported assets in 1 month and five days. From my point of view, the missing piece of the puzzle is a real utility to these stkASSETS. It's pointless to have so many liquid staked assets if there's no utility. I speculate that next in the pipeline might be a new product that will offer real utility to the stkASSETS. According to the [Mission 2022 blog](https://medium.com/persistence-blog/from-the-founders-desk-mission-2022-d3a2a1d20de1), half of the pSTAKE plans will be live by the end of Q2, and here's what's left: * Make stkXPRT the base-pair against all major stkASSETs * Bootstrap use-cases of stkASSETS (e.g., DEXs, borrowing/lending) * Building liquidity for stkASSETs on the DEXs and other DeFi dApps The pending developments are related to new products developed to bring real utility to the stkASSETS. My thought process says it's logical to expect a DEX or other DeFi dApp after all of the previously discussed stkASSETS (stkETH, stkSOL, stkAVAX, stkBNB, and stkXPRT/stkATOM on Persistence blockchain) are implemented into pSTAKE. I'm curious about what you have to say about my little research. I cannot wait to watch the entire liquid staking ecosystem taking form.