Is Persistence's Core One blockchain battle-tested?

self.PersistenceOne1m ago
As we're all aware, the fall of the Terra ecosystem has left many, including me, in deep pain, either by holding LUNA or UST. Since the damage is done, all we can do is look back and assess the event itself. We must ask ourselves: what conclusions can be withdrawn from this historical cryptocurrency event? Answer: Terra's blockchain has worked flawlessly under immense stress. Since Terra's blockchain is made using Tendermint and the Cosmos SDK, both Terra and Persistence have a common attribute - incredible network strength. Imagine being bombarded with tens of thousands of transactions at a time and resisting like a champ. We now know how other blockchains based on the same technology will behave in the future under a stress test. Persistence is planning on building several on-chain apps that will further expand the capabilities of the stkAssets minted on the Persistence Core One chain. Personally, once all the dots of the liquid staking ecosystem are built, I expect an explosion in the total transaction volume on the Persistence chain.