Tsunami API : Alpha Testing Begins

self.PARSIQ_net1m ago
*Today is a great day for PARSIQ and our community!* Tsunami API is capable of serving data for over **6,288,000,000 transactions in less than a second**, & we at PARSIQ are about to make blockchain data more accessible, efficient, and faster than ever before. We are proud to let you know that Tsunami API’s Alpha Test is successfully underway with more than 15 dApps & protocols. The test is being conducted on Ethereum mainnet and Görli testnet, & at the time of writing Tsunami API has already indexed 👇 ➡️**21,464,593 blocks** **➡️containing 1,626,168,136 transactions** **➡️ that executed 2,658,857,392 calls** **➡️ & produced 2,104,680,920 events** **All this information is available within milliseconds** — *no matter what is being requested!* 🤫 The Tsunami is coming! 🌊 Read more about the Alpha test here ▶️ [https://medium.com/parsiq/tsunami-api-alpha-testing-initiated-d41c4813406c](https://medium.com/parsiq/tsunami-api-alpha-testing-initiated-d41c4813406c)