#PancakeSwap’s #MOBOX trading battle is now LIVE!!!!

self.pancakeswap1m ago
Are you ready to battle?!?! ⚔️ #PancakeSwap’s #MOBOX trading battle is now LIVE!!!! https://pancakeswap.finance/competition 🏆MOMO Avatar NFT, Mobox Mystery Boxes, & PCS NFTs up for grabs (~$40k worth)! 💰$40k in $CAKE + $MBOX prizes! 🥇Leaderboard trading volume is subject to Subgraph delays. ✅Eligible pairs = MOBOX/BNB, MOBOX/BUSD, CAKE/BNB, CAKE/BUSD ❌All limit order trades are NOT eligible ✍️Please note that we are working with The Graph to resolve the current subgraph issue. All the eligible trading volumes will be indexed retrospectively and appear on the page once the issue is resolved. Join your team and captains on Discord! 🔥#ChaoticCakers — Chef Snowball 💀#FearsomeFlippers — Chef Cheems ⚡️#SyrupStorm — Chef Nina https://discord.gg/pancakeswap Complete rules 👇 https://bit.ly/3LRfIsG