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$PAC | What's been happening news blog - March 24th

Steady as she goes! – You often hear those words from the most sea hardened captain of a ship when traveling across intrepid waters. To me, this embodies what the $PAC team is doing and their working mentality over the last few weeks. Sometimes when there is a downturn in the market it’s not always wise to release your newest and greatest features, there is an element of market timing to good marketing for any business, otherwise it risks falling upon deaf ears and negating the positive effects it would have achieved.

That being said, plenty has happened and plenty needs to be shared with you. The purpose of these regular updates via the blog addresses many issues that the community has been feeding back to us. Firstly, the language barriers on our social platforms (where news is normally found) are quite high. The majority of our posts and updates are sent out in English, which in reality only accounts for about 19% of our total global audience, tiny when you think about it. To combat this, posting here on the blog allows you to use the built-in language translator to better held spread the positive efforts of our team to an otherwise left out audience.

Secondly, our news and updates are posted across a large variety of different platforms, these include Twitter, Reddit, Facebook & Discord. Not everyone has time in their daily routines to check these different platforms every day and thus could miss important updates. Having a synopsis of everything that has occurred in one place allows you to simply check back here once or twice a week and never miss out on anything.

This week in $PAC

What a week it has been. It’s fair to say every single one of our team members, including the volunteer moderators on our Discord have outdone themselves this week. I find myself genuinely quite excited at what we’ve achieved and what is to come.

So, introduction out of the way. Let’s get into things. lists $P...

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