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$PAC Blog | A look at the current market, 27th March 2018

In March of 2017, just one year ago, a cryptocurrency Investor could have bought 3.85 million Verge Coins (XVG) for a notional value of $100.

In early January 2018, those same coins were valued at more than $912,000.

That is not a typo, that is a nearly 1,000,000% return.

I’ll say it one more time from March of 2017 to January of 2018, Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency had a return of almost ONE MILLION PERCENT.

Today that same 3.85 million XVG coins is worth more than $177,000.

Only a 177,000% return in one year, decent return right? 

How about PAC Coin now $PAC  ? 

Last March it was PAC and as we know 1000 PAC = 1 $PAC.  So I will simply talk in US Dollar terms. 

$100 in today’s market buys you approximately 15,300 in $PAC

One year ago that same $100 bought approximately 10.5 Billion old PAC, or 10.5 Million $PAC.  Which is now worth more than $66,000.

It under-performed XVG by a tremendous amount, but 66,000% in a year, it would be hard to fathom someone being upset with profits of that magnitude.

If those numbers caught your attention, that was the point.  Many people who just read that may be thinking some of the following thoughts …

Who did that?

Are those numbers right?

Is that even possible?

Why did they only put $100 in if they knew it was going to increase like that?

The responses would be as follows …

Quite a few people did, the numbers are 100% correct, and it is very possible.  They didn’t know the returns would be like that, no one did.

It is the difference between investing and trading.

The difference between doing extensive research, and looking for investment advice on a message board.

Anything is possible.

Let’s look at another famous or infamous Bitcoin named Coin.  “Bitcoin Diamond”

Launched in late November of 2017.  Had a 10% pre-mine, each BTC holder received 10 of these free of ch...

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