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Reflections on our Alpha Phase II POC experience, and looking ahead to the future of kidtoken built on OST

Encouraging Digital Spending and Saving with kidtoken

The landscape of our economy is changing. Digital payments, automatic withdrawals, and cryptocurrencies are hot topics these days. Cash and coins are less common in the marketplace than ever before, and our financial world is only going to become more digitized in the future.

In this evolving financial world, one of our main concerns is how to prepare the younger generation for newer currency methods, and acclimate them to digital funds in a way that is constructive, productive, and perhaps most importantly, fun! We think that we have found a way to incorporate all three of these with our new company, kidtoken.

Powered by OST, kidtoken is a tokenized allowance for kids. Blockchain based, kidtoken is designed to incentivize positive behaviors & create a modern digital way to save & spend that’s perfect for the new generation of kids.

Teaching children how to save and budget are fundamentals of parenthood, and there’s no better time to teach them financial responsibility than when they are in their formative years. We have been giving allowances to children for decades — but how often these days does it become a nuisance to have to remember to stop by the ATM or dig through your wallet or purse hoping that you have some spare cash on hand?

kidtoken is the allowance of the future. Through our site or app, parents can purchase unique crypto tokens and store them in a digital wallet, then transfer them directly to their child’s account on a recurring basis — eliminating the need for spare change and piggy banks. Even more exciting, kidtoken offers a way for parents to use digital currency to motivate their kids to reach goals and accomplish tasks. You can create personalized goals that are designed to best fit your child’s needs, whether you want to encourage your child to read more books, remember their manners, take care of pets, or improve their grades — the ...

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