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We believe in transparency. See how Sesameseed rewards compare to top consensus nodes. Reference links included.

Ontology Foundation Reward Comparison (Sesameseed) Market Data Last Most Recent Source ONT Price $0.733 $0.564 Binance (auto) ONG Price $0.170 $0.121 Binance (auto) TRX Price $0.015 $0.013 Binance (auto) SEED Price (TRX) 1.85 1.85 TRX.Market (manual) Sesameseed Data TRX ONG Source SEED PEG 1.046 0.000768 Pegged SEED Value $0.013 Peg*Binance Rates SEED Value $0.023 Market*Binance Rates Ontology "Foundation" Node Rewards (500 ONT Staked) Source Sesameseed Foundation Reward (Monthly) Sesameseed.org Calc. 305.19 SEED Top Consensus Node (last Month) Ont. Explorer 3.092223297 ONG Bottom Consensus Node (last Month) Ont. Explorer 4.198361199 ONG Ontology 15.7% Unbound" Rewards (500 ONT Staked) Source Sesameseed Reward (Monthly) Sesameseed.org Calc. 6.161 SEED $0.081 Regular Holding 15.7% annual*Holding 6.541666667 ONG $0.789 Ontology Node Rewards Comparison in USD (500 ONT Staked) Monthly ROI (est) Annual ROI (est) Top Consensus node rewards (monthly) Maximum $1.30 0.15% 1.75% Minimum $1.16 0.13% 1.57% Sesameseed Node rewards (monthly) Market Rate $7.19 0.81% 9.72% Peg Rate $4.11 0.46% 5.56% Cost of 500 ONT $281.946
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