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TechAMA Recap: A Guide to Ontology

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen that we recently held a very successful Twitter AMA with our Senior Architecture Experts, Edmond CONG and Ning HU, and received over a hundred questions from the community.

Throughout the process, it became apparent to us that many of our community members shared similar questions about Ontology. As a result, we realized that these questions would make an excellent starting point for those new to Ontology. So, here we have prepared eight of the most common questions and their answers to introduce newcomers to Ontology.

1. What is the design logic of Ontology? The core vision of Ontology is to create a “distributed trust collaboration platform” for all scenarios. During the two-year research and development period with one year of steady MainNet operation and continuous technology development, we have been able to establish a basic trust collaboration platform and achieve the first step of our vision: being ready for all businesses. We will continue to adhere to our business strategy, taking every step in a calculated manner using our technology to help us around every obstacle. We look forward to seeing more changes happen. 2. Why does Ontology use a dual-token model? The purpose of node staking operation is to obtain stable and value-added returns, which is to lock in liquidity; however, the return requires sufficient liquidity so this is a contradiction. Node staking has the expectation of appreciation and business applications on the chain have the expectation of stable value so this is also a contradiction. In the face of two contradictions, the easiest strategy is to utilize the design of two tokens that have a certain link to each other. This is similar to how we have BTC, ETH, and USDT on the market. As a complete ecosystem, you must have both and Ontology has provided them as the underlying support. By the decoupling of the token (ONT) and the gas (ONG), Ontology alleviates the violent flu...
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