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Ontology Announces Partnership with Smart Translation Platform Jeemaa

Ontology Announces Partnership with Smart Translation Platform Jeemaa.com

Ontology has just announced its partnership with Jeemaa.com, a leading smart translation platform in China. Ontology will use its blockchain technology to put the data of translators on Jeemaa.com onto its blockchain, creating a trusted and anti-tamper translator evaluation system. The two sides will work closely in expertise, business model, and marketing by sharing mutual resources.

In the traditional translation sector, the traditional translation model is inefficient and costly. Moreover, it lacks project collaboration and information symmetry, resulting in inconsistent quality. These factors show that this model can no longer keep up with the times.

Ontology and Jeemaa now offer a trusted solution to these problems by putting translators on-chain. In this new model, translation agencies assign tasks, translators provide their translation expertise, and Jeemaa.com links translation agencies and translators.

In the traditional model, repeated evaluation of translators is costly and there is no open and fair translator evaluation system, nor is there any translator records. By putting the data of translators on-chain, the new model puts can solve these pain points and transform the translation sector.

According to the partnership, Ontology will use its blockchain technology to create a translator evaluation system for Jeemaa.com, which will upload the data of translators on its platform to ONT ID on the Ontology blockchain. With Ontology’s ONTO and API features, data in the evaluation system will be updated in real time. Users will also be able to access data on the evaluation system through smart contract in a trusted and safe way.

About Jeemaa.com

Launched in August 2015, Jeemaa.com is a world’s leading translation platform committed to building a close loop for translation service industry. It offers a service chain system integrating conten...

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