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How does Ontology’s multichain design prevent side-chain malicious act?

How does Ontology’s Multichain Design Prevent Side-Chain Malicious Act


As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be used in various sectors, such as finance, health care, supply chain, and asset management. However, limited throughput and scalability and network isolation prevent blockchain projects from better serving business applications. Among these limitations, network isolation hinders the collaboration between different blockchains and significantly limits what blockchain can do.


In the previous Tech Point articles, we gave a detailed introduction to the 6 components of the Ontology multichain design and how do they work. We believe these articles will help you gain a basic understanding of the Ontology multichain design.

In today’s article, we will introduce the problems and challenges today’s cross-chain solutions are facing and what Ontology has done to overcome them.

Side-Chain Malicious Act

An important security issue involved in cross-chain interaction is how to prevent side-chain validators from acting maliciously——side-chain malicious act.

In Cosmos, side-chains are an autonomous system, and side-chain validators are elected by the side-chain itself; whereas in Polkadot, the side-chain validators are managed by the Polkadot main chain. Whether the election is autonomous or decided by the main chain, a fundamental problem is that these side-chain validators are not necessarily reliable. If the asset value of the interacting chains is greater than the value of the validators’stake on the main chain, the validators will have enough motivation to act maliciously.

For example, a dApp developer deploys smart contracts on both the main chain and the sidechain, hoping to achieve cross-chain asset interaction. When dApp users transfer a part of their assets to the side-chain, the side-chain validators can directly transfer the assets to themselves if they find out that the a...

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