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Alt-projects Portfolio

So I've been willing to create my first crypto portfolio, and have been digging deep into certain less "mainstream" projects (besides the big ones as you may see below). The reason for this lies on me looking for a portfolio that may have not proved itself yet, but will potentially "shine" in the future, when blockchain/crypto adoption establishes itself, due to the pioneer and innovative technologies composing it. So far I've concluded in these projects: Cardano, Elastos, Fusion, Elrond. As for my portfolio, it looks like this: 38% ada 20% eth 13% ela 11% fsn 6% btc 5% egld 4% neo 3% ont I certainly couldn't leave ETH and BTC out of it, as they've proved themselves and appear to be less of a risk compared to the rest. In addition, I've included NEO and Ontology, and would really appreciate a comment on this action, as for me, I perceive it as an influence in my portfolio from China as a country - whatever this may mean. Last but not least, I've been a fan of Holochain and IOTA, yet these projects seem to be going downhill, despite their technology. I'd really like to include them, so if anyone may have further input about them, please let me know. Of course feel free to add any other suggestions that would fit the above thinking process (or even "condemn" it)!
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