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5 Altcoins That Could Be Profitable In Q4.

There are over 2000 crypto projects listed on coinmarketcap but only 5 on coinbase. This can make identifying your next profitable altcoin akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Typically I try to focus on projects that have active development and are solving a clearly defined need. I am becoming quite excited about the prospects of a number of projects which have been showing some green candles of late. I believe these projects are well place to grow strongly in Q4.


The Electroneum team makes acquiring cryptocurrency as simple as downloading an app. By breaking down the barriers around acquiring cryptocurrency, Electroneum believes they can spread their coin far and wide. There are countless people that want to buy various coins but aren’t willing to send awkward selfies with their passport to a website they know nothing about. There are also the issues of linking bank accounts and paying shockingly high fees. Electroneum feels they have the solution to these issues.

Electroneum has been quite profitable in recent weeks showing a number of double digit percentage gains in single days. The ease of adoption and use really stands to the project.


0X aims to solve the liquidity and speed issues of decentralised exchanges. I always favour projects that have a clearly defined goal. 0X themselves do not charge transaction fees but there is nothing to stop exchanges built on their blockchain charging fees. 0x issues rewards, where applicable, in ZRX tokens. The success of Binance Coin is a good indicator for what we might see happen with ZRX.

The ZRX price has been growing steadily recently. This is a long overdue correction in price for a promising and well developed project. Consequently we can reasonably expect continued profitable growth through Q4.


ERC-20 defines six different functions for the benefit of other tokens within the Ethereum system. These are generally basic functionality issues, including...

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