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OmiseGO can’t control, and won’t comment on, the movement of OMG tokens that do not belong to us. If token holders (advisors or otherwise) choose to move their tokens between addresses, spend them, trade them, split them up among many addresses, move them through exchanges in order to maintain privacy over their movements and reduce their exposure to public scrutiny - that is their choice. Attempting to control (whether by protocol, legal contract or social coercion/manipulation) tokens that have been released to a private user, would be hypocritical in the extreme. The tokens reserved by OmiseGO for staking on the OMG Network are still being held by the company and are still 100% destined for that purpose. It's important to our own future to build transaction volume on the network and build a system that is both worthwhile for stakers and appealing to consumers. As we said back in [December]( >Transaction fees are paid dependent on network use, and revenue comes from both network usage and network growth. As an organization looking to create a 100% public network, OmiseGO are looking for the most usage possible. As a payments company looking for a profitable transition model for payment processors (not just us, but any other payment processor) moving into the decentralization age, we are looking for the most growth possible too. We’re not hiding any bad news; we are still working hard on delivering the OMG Network, iterating on the eWallet SDK, and delivering scalable, decentralized financial tools to the world.
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Possibly related to Omisego?

South Korea's biggest credit card operator, Shinhan Card, announced on Monday it had been granted a domestic patent and was developing a blockchain-powered payments system.