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OmiseGO biweekly: Holdings Strategy Update, Signups for GO.Exchange are open and soft launched, The recording from EDCON HACK online workshop published

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by Jun Hasegawa, CEO, and Founder at OmiseGo

To complement the updates provided through OmiseGo social media channels, Jun offers a long overdue follow up to his previous blog post in April 2018. More specifically, he addresses two things:

Exchange acquisitions Developing a digital asset exchange

For the purpose of this post, he speaks on behalf of Omise Holdings, the parent company that manages a number of subsidiaries, two of which are Omise Payment (initially referred to as Omise) and OmiseGO. Jun is responsible for Omise Holdings and therefore is involved in its strategy as well as the strategies of the subsidiaries, so he’d like to attempt to clarify the company structure that was the basis of the Omise/OmiseGO strategy vol. 1 blog post.

Omise Holdings structure. Source: Jun’s blog post.

The acquisition of small to mid-sized exchanges is no longer part of Omise Holdings’ plans and Jun provides information on how OmiseGo arrived at that decision.

Building a digital asset exchange

Following the attempts to acquire small to mid-sized exchanges and after conducting more research on the exchange market, OmiseGo felt the real opportunity was to build a platform that would be better than what was out there. As such, they focused on developing a digital asset exchange. Developing their own platform gives them more flexibility on tech development as opposed to inheriting technology that was built with different premises in mind. This gives Omise Holdings more ownership over the direction of the exchange, and they’re able to incorporate insights from (and provide feedback to) the OmiseGO team to optimize for their unique position and goals.

For these reasons, Omise Holdings launched a new subsidiary called GO.Exchange that would develop a user-facing digital asset exchange. The thinking behind this decision was framed around many factors, but the most publicly co...

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