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OMG is currently listed on []( which allows easy and instant conversion between OMG and ETH (or any other token listed there). However, the conversion uses Bancor tokens as the hub currency and thus is not very efficient. The Ethereum foundation has commissioned the creation of a more efficient conversion system called Uniswap which use ETH as the hub currency. Converting between OMG <=> ETH requires just one step on Uniswap rather than the two steps required on Bancor: OMG <=> BNT <=> ETH; resulting in much lower transaction fees for the conversion. Recently the []( site was created as a frontend to the Uniswap contracts with features similar to the []( site. This site was developed by my team at []( so that Shardus token holders can easily list and swap the token through Uniswap. The Shardus token (ULT) used to be listed on Bancor, but due to the high number of failed conversion transactions, high fees and difficulty of removing liquidity, we have shifted over completely to Uniswap. OMG token holders may also want to consider adding their token to []( There is no fee for adding the token other than Ethereum network transfer fees. No minimum reserve ratios to maintain; and easy to remove liquidity anytime you want. Liquidity providers also earn a 0.3% fee on each swap transaction. This could amount to 10% APR or more depending on the swap volume. Let me know if you have questions about [](
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