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If Ethereum get Upgrade why do people need OMG Network ?

Hello everyone . . . First of all , Sorry for the silly question Just wonder if Ethereum get upgrades to the point that Fast , cheap and very secure (i think it’s Phase 3 of ETH2.0) Why people will still choose OMG Network ? . . . Ps. Sorry for my English it not my first language Ps2. Been a die hard OMG fan since 2017 🔥 will hodl until it Boom or bust Ps3. Thank you Kasima , Vansa and OMG team for the Beta Mainnet and also Sir-Kao-pad , Pwoolf for always support this community 🙏🏻
Go to self.omise_go

Camilla Russo with Vansa

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Camilla Russo with Vansa

Listen to this episode from The Defiant on Spotify. This week’s interview is with Vansa Chatikavanij , the CEO of OMG Network. The Bangkok-based project formerly known as OmiseGo has spearheaded rese...