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Daily Discussion - May 12, 2018

#[OmiseGO Daily Discussion]( #Town Hall Updates * 2018-01-31: [OmiseGO Town Hall 0x1]( * 2018-04-04: [OmiseGO Town Hall 0x2]( #Official Guide to OmiseGO * [OmiseGO Official Guide]( #Roadmap * [Roadmap Update Blog Post]( #Staking Info * If you have not already seen these blog posts, please check them out before asking any questions about staking: * [OMG Network Staking Returns]( (Posted Dec 2017) * [OMG Network Validation]( (Posted Jan 2018) #Rules * Please keep price, rumour and trading discussions in /r/omgtraders (completely independent from OmiseGO), so that this subreddit can focus primarily on discussing the OmiseGO project and technology. * Please read the full [OmiseGO Info, FAQ and Subreddit Rules]( thread for all the rules and the FAQ.
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At a once per month minimum, the Crypto Coin Doc provides our members with coin recommendations about which coins are healthy enough to survive any boom or bust cycle. We want the coins that if someth...