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Daily Discussion - August 04, 2018

#[OmiseGO Daily Discussion]( #Town Hall & AMA Updates * 2018-01-31: [OmiseGO Town Hall 0x1]( * 2018-04-04: [OmiseGO Town Hall 0x2]( * 2018-05-30: [OmiseGO Holiday Special AMA - Video]( * 2018-05-30: [OmiseGO Holiday Special AMA - Q&A Thread]( * 2018-07-17 [OmiseGO Town Hall 0x2]( * 2018-07-17 [Direct wallet-to-wallet capability - some clarification]( #Official Guide to OmiseGO * [OmiseGO Official Guide]( #Roadmap * [Roadmap Update Blog Post]( #Staking Info * If you have not already seen these blog posts, please check them out before asking any questions about staking: * [OMG Network Staking Returns]( (Posted Dec 2017) * [OMG Network Validation]( (Posted Jan 2018) #Unofficial Monthly Roundups * These roundups have not been officially checked or endorsed by Omise: * [April 2018]( * [May 2018]( #Rules * Please keep price, rumour and trading discussions in /r/omgtraders (completely independent from OmiseGO), so that this subreddit can focus primarily on discussing the OmiseGO project and technology. * Please read the full [OmiseGO Info, FAQ and Subreddit Rules]( thread for all the rules a...
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