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Community Update — September 2018

Community Update — September 2018

September has come and gone! Here are some of the activities we carried out this past month.

Technical Update


We held a workshop in Warsaw early September to reassess how our proposed designs serve the core values of the project and consider how to balance short-term priorities in order to best provide for the long-term viability of the network. Read all about it here.

eWallet Suite

The eWallet team conducted two workshops in Shanghai and Singapore (see below) and implemented new features including action tracking, updated the iOS Client Point of Sale App, released iOS SDK 1.1.0-beta1, released the official Helm Charts for Kubernetes, added tests and documentation for omisego-admin module in the Android SDK and upgraded the credo package.

For more details on the latest technical work, take a look at our eWallet Suite September 2018 updates:

For more technical details and to follow along on the progress, visit our Github or Waffle board!


As Q3 draws to a close, let’s take a quick look at progress on Tesuji Plasma. Tesuji is the first iteration of Plasma, the foundation on which further iterations will be built. The basic goals for Tesuji as laid out in the roadmap, were as follows:

* Proof of Authority run on OmiseGO servers

* Exit to Ethereum for final safety

* CLI (command line interface) to monitor the child chain

* Multiple currencies (initially this means ETH and ERC-20)

* Atomic swap support

The first four (PoA, exits, CLI, multiple currencies) are done and on internal testnet. Atomic swaps are a feature, not infrastructure, so although they are among the list of goals they are not a necessity for launch. When the time comes, we’ll go ahead to regardless of whether atomic swaps are ready to go.

In the process of development, two phases have emerged for Tesuji: Minimum Viable Plasma (MVP) which sat...

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