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Big owns small

Just playing devil's advocate here - each and every single one of us (without exception) on this channel are more beholden to/dependent on the likes of Google and Amazon than on any blockchain project in existence in our daily lives. Crypto is currently at its proof-of-concept/very-early-adoption stage. Once it proves that it's a viable model that can have commercial applications, what would stop these behemoths from marketing their own tokens - designed in a manner that replicates any of the most successful projects whoever they may be at that point in the future - with the benefit of multi-billion dollar funding and augmented by the vast in-place network effects of their native platforms. For the same reason that Omise is Omisego's tailwind, wouldn't a hypothetical "AMZN-OMG" project blow us out of the water? To be clear, OMG wouldn't be the only casualty; all startup blockchains that can be considered under-funded and under-established compared to these tech firms would be at similar risk. Personally I've heard rumours that the bulge bracket banks and leading tech firms all have highly secret projects on launching their own tokens. Regardless of how true these rumours may be, I think any rational person will see how there's a David vs. sleeping Goliath in the works, unfolding without us even knowing.
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