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Watch Out For This Promising FinTech Startup: OmiseGO Wants To "Unbank The Banked With Ethereum" — Steemit

There have been countless ICO's this year, countless new technologies and products that have been announced and countless new cryptocurrencies that launched on the market. Since there are so many, I have started a series on my Steemit blog where I'll write a post about projects that stand out to me. Once in a while, whenever a project stands out to me, I'll write a post about it.

One of these particularly interesting projects is Omise - a new payment technology based on Ethereum! Overview Name: Omise (Omise Go) Token Name: OMG Blockchain: Ethereum ICO: Concluded ($25 Million) Founded: 2013 Launch: Late 2017 / Early 2018 Mission Statement: "Unbank the Banked with Ethereum" What is Omise Go? OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies.

Omise is a Bangkok-based Startup that was founded in 2013.

With Omise Go, they aim to launch a wallet and payment network that lets people cash money in and out and transfer it to other users - all without the need of a bank account.

Usually, financial products aim to "bank the unbanked" - but Omise Go's mission statement is to "unbank the banked". In true cryptocurrency nature, they want to allow their users the freedom of not having to rely on banks as a 3rd party.

The concept is similar to payment processor Stripe.

Some sources have already called Omise Go the "Stripe for Asia" - only with a decentralized, blockchain-based approach! The wallet will feature fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies.

"Any user of Omise GO will be able to conduct financial transactions such as payments, remittances, payroll deposit, B2B commerce, supply-chain finance, loyalty programs, asset management and trading, and other...
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