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This was asked 2 months ago and no one gave a clear answer. Can somebody answer this?

Hello, I am trying to understand omiseGo better. I understood that it's main usage will be to transfer funds. How is it going to better than the ways other cryptos are doing it? For example, let say I live in the U.S.A and I have a daughter in India in desperate need for some rupees. With bitcoin e.g. I could do the following: 1) Deposit USD in an exchange 2) Buy bitcoin 3) Send the BTC to an exchange wallet my daughter owns in india 4) She will trade BTC for rupees on the exchange 5) Withdraw them to a bank account Steps 1 and 5 are slow. If she will have a bitcoin debit card (XAPO, TenX, or whatever) and I already own bitcoins then this process can be very fast. What is OmiseGo doing that is substantially better? Thanks
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