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The ratio of long and short position has slightly pulled back to 1.55, but the price of Bitcoin still stays over $11,000 after a brief drop of threshold of $10,670 yesterday. The strong momentum supporting the market and helping large - cap coins to make important breakthroughs. The resistance around $11,200 needs to be focused, which will possibly restrict the short-term upside. https://preview.redd.it/28lwu8ucltd51.png?width=2084&format=png&auto=webp&s=f617ac1256b65aadae259c95bb1747eed6014dcf Click the link for more [https://www.okex.com/markets/options-data/btc-usd-200731-6000-c?channelFlag=ACEAP6501382](https://www.okex.com/markets/options-data/btc-usd-200731-6000-c?channelFlag=ACEAP6501382)
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