Trading automation & external terminal (via API) for OKEx

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Hello, Redditors, I want to introduce you to 𓅂Bitsgap — a popular trading application to manage several trading robots among most popular exchanges without hassle. For real. The whole process of registration, connecting an exchange and setting the bot takes 15 minutes for the forest-time and ~ 2 mins after above. That’s because Bitsgap’s engine calculates and shows best performing strategies to user in real-time.

Bitsgap Bots Interface

What’s the potential of Bitsgap robots? — they do allow to extract profit from trading without going into addiction and saving many time.

You’ll find such utility tools here:

1. One-tab trading terminal with instant switch between 28 crypto exchanges

2. Portfolio management: overview of all positions, trading history, assets value and ROI-performance on all Exchanges with CSV export.

3. Advanced market orders types: limit/stop orders without freezing balance, shadow orders which aren’t visible in exchange’s order book until execution, time-weight orders which will buy/sell slices of total quantity to prevent significant price pike due to insufficient liquidity.

4. Automated trading bots. Users may launch ready-to-go bots or customize by their own market vision. There are 4 types of available robots: Grid, Scalper, Classic, Futures.

Use 𓅂 Bitsgap trial for 8 days to investigate if this tool does fit your demands and expectations. Hope you’ll like it :)