Elon Musk believes that cryptocurrencies will empower people

self.OKX1m ago
Elon Musk, along with Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey, livestreamed May 24 on Ark Invest’s channel. They talked about various topics, including the future of cryptocurrency and hope for bitcoin. Each individual gives their opinion but one thing all three agree on is the future of cryptocurrencies. All agree on the important role of cryptocurrencies in the future of the world. E[lon Musk](https://cryptowallcity.com/tag/elon-musk/) says that one day he hopes cryptocurrencies can make the concept of money more effective. He also said that this would reduce government intervention. [Elon Musk believes that cryptocurrencies will empower people](https://preview.redd.it/ohwv4hpspj191.jpg?width=1164&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=cb4668946b5001d8582b9491425a871c9036f97e) Read more: [https://cryptowallcity.com/elon-musk-believes-crypto-empower-people/](https://cryptowallcity.com/elon-musk-believes-crypto-empower-people/)