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Unilever and Next Billion team up with Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol aims to unlock data from silos so it can be used productively. To realize this mission, we’re pleased to announce that we partnered with Next Billion and Unilever Foundry.

NextBillion creates data platforms to gather customer insights, offering fair value for data, while giving flexible, cost-competitive insights to companies. These insights help companies to expand effectively in emerging markets by respecting local customs, norms and preferences. With these types of Win-Win partnerships, the livelihoods for people are improved.

Unilever Foundry supports NextBillion by being an anchor customer and using their data and AI services that are built on Ocean Protocol technology.

To improve sanitation in schools in Vietnam, Unilever is working with NextBillion to garner insights from on data collected across hundreds of schools. This work is based off of an earlier pilot project with the Government of Thailand, Ministry of Health that reduced illnesses, improved maintenance and operations and supported education campaigns.

Barbara Guerpillon, Director of the Unilever Foundry SEAA and New Business Growth, explains “We are working in a world where AI and algorithms are all around us and used to solve problems. We all know AI needs data. I’m very happy to see companies like Ocean Protocol who are actually supporting and helping companies to access their own data and access any other type of data.”

“The NextBillion platform and service bridges an important gap between data and solutions,” says Oliver Gilbert, Managing Director of Next Billion. “Our collaborations with Ocean Protocol and Unilever is the perfect combination that allows us to solve problems that enterprises care about, while giving people a fair deal for helping us to collect data.”

“I’m so excited that we can move forward with a world-class partner in Unilever, to solve an important problem using data and AI,” Daryl Arnold, Founder of Ocean Protocol...

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